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ZipLink Mail Servie

We are a popular mail service used by a variety of web developers and IT professionals to ensure mail delivery from websites and reporting tools.

I received an email from [email protected]

If you received an email at [email protected], this is because your web developer or IT professional took extra steps to ensure that you receive email messages from your website, servers and other connected devices.  Many email systems mark mail from websites and other devices as SPAM.  We eliminate that issue by providing a 3rd party service to gaurentee mail delivery. 

How much does ziplink cost?

Ziplink makes our partners include the service at no cost to you.  Our partner organizations understand the importance of this type of service.  We do not upsell, offer affilaiate programs or anything like that.  Our focus is on a more secure internet and less on making a dollar.

Can I get ziplink for my website?

Absolutely! While we do not provide access to our program directly to consumers, but if you fill out the contact form below, we will get you in touch with a verified vendor who can provide our system to you for no cost.

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